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Location: Madrid
Phone: 699 305 423 (Personal) / 661 734 274 (Company)


Over 10 years Professional experience in positions of high responsibility in general management and business development. Experience in different industries: Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Consultancy and Machines Manufacturing.

The outcome of my work has been that I have been appointed responsible for the companies in Spain and we have achieved annual growths over 20% facing big challenges.

Currently I am growing my own company.

Professional Experience

evolufarma_cv Evolufarma (April 2012 – Current)

CEO – Global Multichannel Marketing Solution for pharmacies with the possibility to move to other verticals and other retails. It is a Smart Commerce model that allow pharmacies to give to their customers a unique experience that mixes the online and offline world, with bidirectional communication, multichannel, personalized communication (segmented and targeted), social (social media) and multiplatform (web, mail, email, movile, etc).
    • Promoter of the project Evolufarma
    •  In 2 years Evolufarma is the reference in new technologies in the Pharmacy industry with over 70 articles in industry media.
    • Winners of the fourth edition of Startup Incubator in Area 31 of IE Business School, Finalist of Wayra (Telefonica incubator) y semi-finalist in BStartup10 (Sabadell Bank incubator).

arx_rowa ARX (CareFusion / Rowa) · (Jan 2008 – Apr 2012)

International group of companies based in several countries that provides automation systems and service to pharmacies, pharmacist warehouses and hospitals. It has over 60% market share in Spain, turnover of more than 35 Mill€ and more than 150 people.;;

Deputy General Director (Dec 2009 – April 2012) Responsible for ARX Spain, reporting to the CEO in Germany.

  • Since 2008, we managed to increase turnover by 84% from 8 Mill€ to 15 Mill€ and we have increased the number of clients we give maintenance service by 260%.
  • We increased the number of clients that we did maintenance by 260%
  • In 2010 we have implemented a reorganization, cultural change and process redefinition that has saved the company of a market shrink over 40% produced by  RD04/2010, RD08/2010 y RD09/2011 and combined with a cash flow problem generated by other things
  • Member of the steering committee of ARX Spain and ARX International (since 2008).
  • Cultural change driver and professionalism of the company. ARX started in 2003 and had a very quick grow that required a cultural change and a review of operative procedures.
  • Driver for the Strategic Plan and implementation of a Balance Score Card as a mean to implement strategy.
  • We managed to evolve the Spanish company from one of no finance, marketing and no CRM to the group leader despite the lack of resources.
  • Manager of two companies from the group: Aretaeus (, early detection diabetes machine) and a human resources company specialized in pharmacies.

Sales Marketing Director. (Jan 2008 – Dec 2009)

  • 20% growth each year despite the crisis (2008 and 2009) and increased competition.
  • Market share increase from 60% to 71% and with a close rate figure of 79% of projects that finally automate.
  • We developed a group of sales tools and we taught the salesman in order to adapt to the new market situation (crisis + high competition): competitors profiles, videos, sales presentation, etc
  • I implemented a CRM from Sage overcoming two big obstacles: without IT and without the help of Sage Spain help (they do not distribute the version used)
  • We created all marketing material (web, catalogues, leaflets, videos) and the branding even though we did not have a marketing department and we did not have budget for it. I created the marketing department.
  • Creation of the pharmaceutical group called Innophar. The biggest and most innovative pharmacies in Spain belong to Innophar.

HepcoHepco Slide Systems (Jan 2006 – 2008)

Hepco is an English company that provides linear movement solutions for all types of machine or automation (linear guides and complete automated solutions)

Country Manager. Spain (Dic 2005 – Ene 2008) Hepco Spain manager. Responsible for whole Spain,reporting directly to the UK Sales Director.

  • Key Account Manager of the biggest Hepco account worldwide (which I opened in 2004).
  • Also sales area manager of Central Spain
  • In the last three years I have personally achieved an average sales increase per year of 83% and I have exceeded my objectives by 42%. Since I was Country Manager at Hepco Spain we achieved a 51% turnover increase.

Sales Area Manager (Jan 2003 – Dec 2005): Reporting directly to the Sales Director in UK. I never had boss in Spain.

  • Sales manager for the whole centre of the Iberia Peninsula: Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León and Madrid. Duties: pre-sales, prospecting, sales, technical advice, quotations and marketing.
  • Built up a solid customer base starting from zero (more than 200 clients at the end 2005).
  • Achieved the biggest project and biggest account in the Hepco history

RicardoRicardo Consulting Engineers · UK (Oct 2001 – Dec 2002)

Ricardo is a leading engineering technology provider, undertaking research, design and development services to the world’s automotive manufacturers

Development Engineer

  • I worked in the following departments and clients: Analysis (Ford), Design (BMW-Mini y Jaguar), Prototype manufacturing (Ford).

Other Professional Experiences


Strategy, Balaced Scorecard, Customer Loyalty, Team Management.


  • Family real state sold in 2006 for 20 Mill€. We also had 33% shares of Zavisa, the Opel dealership of Zaragoza (sold separately).

Director of Project

  • Cranfield University. Director of a Project for Ford where 25 people worked.


IE Business schoolExecutive MBA. Intituto de Empresa (IE Business School) · (2006)

Highest Mark: A

One of the main assets I gained from the MBA is the relationships I build with IE employees, lecturers and alumni. Since 2007 I am collaborator as member of the examination panel of the Executive MBA and speaker in open days as former student.

CranfieldMSc · Cranfield University. UK (2000-2001)

Highest Mark: A

Master in “Automotive Product Engineering”. Socrates grant. 12 months full time MSc (Master in Science), focused in the automotive industry.  Thesis sponsored by AVL GMBH

ETSIIIngeniero Industrial. ETSII of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. (1994-2000)

Media: Notable

A 6 year degree in engineering focused in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management. Qualification: A- (Notable). COIIM Associate number: 11793 Thesis Award: on the 27/11/03 the COIIM (Spanish Engineers Association) awarded me with a 4th prize for the best Thesis in the III Thesis Awards of the COIIM

Other studies and Awards


  • Spanish (mother tongue).
  • English (fluent). I lived in UK for two and a half years and I have been working for a British company for 5 years reporting directly to UK and I am currently working in a international company.
  • German (basic, G4, 2004).
  • French (basic, M2, 2005).


  • Very good IT skills as it is one of my hobbies and because I have worked over 6 years without IT support.
  • Professional Offcie and Windows level.  Social Media, Office, Drupal, AutoCAD, Photoshop, video editing, programming in different languages, ACT.

Training Courses

  • 2009-2011. Coaching. The result of two coaching processes has been that I know me better, I have grown personal and professionally, I have improved my weaknesses and strengths and I have gain personal balance. Ana Alvaro Montes. Lola Sánchez.
  • One of my hobbies is learning new things, and therefore I have read many books and articles and I have attended many training courses, conferences and seminars.

Description Words

(written by an independent consultant from Uniconsult after a professional analysis)

  • Achievement, trust,  self-improvement desire, persuasion, leadership, trustworthiness, strategic and holist thinking, flexibility, decision maker, optimism, enthusiasm, influential, customer driven, networker, hard work, learn,  intelligent, autonomous, negotiation, delegation, empowerment, perseverance.

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