The 3 L/ 100 Km car


I present in this section the Thesis I did in 2001. There are things that I mention that are currently in commercial cars, and since 2001 many technical advances have been developed that are not in these pages. Even though this is a very good starting point for all of you that are interested in engines and their technologies. Also you will find a huge amount of references that will allow you to study the engines deeply.

This thesis discusses a structured approach to the 3 litre per 100 km fuel consumption car, commonly called the 3 litre car. It focuses on the alternative of a small gasoline family car with regular multi point injection.

It analyses the reasons which promote the target of the 3 litre car for then study the different alternatives that could lead to the achievement of this target.

It also includes an overview of the engine modelling, its advantages and its limitations that show the way to a final model made of a small gasoline engine with regular port injection. This engine model was solved by the engine simulator program AVL Boost and its outputs were introduced into a created program called ececycleprogram which produces fuel consumption results.

The conclusion of this thesis is that it is possible to achieve a 3 litre per 100 km fuel consumption small gasoline family car with regular multi point injection but it has some limitations.




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